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European Roasters authorized for the use of the Protected Geographical Indication Café de Colombia and for the use of the Café de Colombia brand.

SINCE 1877

Five Generations of Coffee Expertise!

Jaramillo Cafe® is grown in the core of the most famous coffee growing region of South America, the Coffee Triangle. According to the UNESCO World Heritage List, this is the heart of Colombia where the Coffee Region expands to 6 farming landscapes, 18 urban centers, 47 municipalities, 3 major Colombian cities in the departments of Caldas, Risaralda and Quindio. It is this region that is symbolic in the Jaramillo badge design, the triangle representing the Geography of this special location.


Our heritage!

Eliseo Jaramillo picked his first coffee berry in 1877, on the farm where he was born. A true family business where expert knowledge and techniques have been handed down across the generations. Now it is the turn of Mauricio Jaramillo, the first of the family to bring these exceptional, flavoursome coffee beans to European shores.